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cubik°media honored for committment to the arts
Cubik has long prided itself in its considerable support and encouragement of community arts groups. As a creative company, Cubik has deep appreciation for the role that the arts play in enriching our lives, be it through visual art, music, or dance. Thus, just as Cubik draws inspiration from the arts community around us, we feel compelled to give something in return.

While Cubik never sought recognition for its efforts, we were pleasantly surprised to be honored in May 2002 for our commitment to the arts.

The Business Arts Council, a non-profit affiliate of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, awarded us their prestigious award for Arts Business Excellence (one of only two awards given to for-profit businesses by the Council each year).

Specifically, the Arts Business Excellence award:
Honor[s] an arts-related for profit business for artistic accomplishment, service to the community, or contribution to the advancement of a creative industry.
Cubik was nominated for the award for our long-running support of San Francisco Performances, a non-profit independent presenter of chamber music, vocal and instrumental recitals, jazz and contemporary dance. Working pro-bono, Cubik developed a first-class content-managed website, and developed several outdoor and newspaper ad campaigns.

As previously noted, Cubik did not seek this recognition, but are humbly proud to accept it. And as before, Cubik will continue to offer our support to the arts community. The world would be far poorer without it.